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QBS Barcoder $1,850.00 (incl GST)
A worthy companion to Sybiz Vision Accounting System, CREATES EAN-13 BARCODE NUMBERS, and prints labels from Vision's stock file. Prints barcode labels according to the barcode style of the number. And much more! It makes POS scanning possible, and is a great tool for warehousing!

Since May, 2008, the product has been adjusted to suit  New Zealand retail taxation requirements, for prices appearing on barcode labels.

 BARCODING - with QBS Barcoder

QBS Barcoder is the ideal companion to Vision Retail Pack and a useful aid to Warehouse tracking processes.

If your client has Vision and Vision Point-of-Sale, how do they get the value from a POS station unless all the products are barcoded?     QBS Barcoder will do it for you!

 QBS Barcoder links to the Vision data and creates and stores unique, internationally recognised barcode numbers in the **(“Remarks”  or “Barcode”) field of your Inventory Ledger.    It contains the TrueType barcode fonts needed for printing labels and will produce high quality barcodes either in product labels, catalogue page format or shelf labels, depending on your needs.   Where carton (TUN) barcodes are scanned in, it will extract the correct (Retail Unit) number, with check digit, ready for label printing.

Manufacturers or wholesalers selling to retail outlets (who should have Company registration with EAN Australia), will find this a very friendly package. 

Retailers who only need "in-house" numbering of un-barcoded products for retail sales, will be excited at the ease of its use.    Unlike a popular (non-Sybiz) existing small business pack, it creates the industry standard EAN13 barcode number, and is not limited to printing only on A4 label pages.  (The industry-preferred label printing method for quantity and quality is the Thermal Transfer printer, with continuous-rolls of labels).   However, labels can be printed to A4 laser labels, with a new “batching” feature, to save half-page wastage. 

QBS Barcoder stands apart from Vision and uses ODBC to connect to it. This means the operator is not using up any of the Vision User licenses.

Summary of Features:

w       Industry Standard Numbering of Products, according to  specifications of EAN Australia and UCC/EAN international standards.   

ê       Scan existing barcode numbers into the stock file,

ê       then allocate EAN13 numbers to the rest - either individually, or all at once.           

w       Validation of Existing Barcode Numbers - recognition of the following product barcode formats: -

ê       EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-E, and the EAN14 derivation of these (known as a Trade Unit or TUN Number), for packaging identification. If the product has any one of these barcodes, the barcode can be printed in that format, but on larger sized labels in the case of EAN14.

w       Select a Product by Name or Product Code, and print quantity of labels required.

w       Scan a barcode to select a Product, then print quantity of labels required.

w       Select one or several Purchase Orders or Purchase Invoices and print labels in required quantities   (This feature can be disabled if not required).

ê       Editing feature permits change from the order/invoice-specified product quantity, and for de-selection of ordered products which may have arrived already labelled.  This can be done for both Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices.

w       Select the Vision Price Level to be placed on product labels.

ê       Labels can be printed with or without pricing data  (this new feature is product-specific and run-specific, and can be turned on or off at will).

ê       Pricing automatically corrects for GST inclusion/exclusion, as per Vision stock file settings for each product.    For all versions of the product created since May,2008, pricing is also compatible with New Zealand requirements.  

¨        Customisation  - size, pre-printing of logo on labels, in colours, or mono-colour bitmap of logo, etc by special arrangement and in some cases will require an additional fee for customisation.

w       Shelf Labels for products - (Product Name, Price, Barcode, according to “reasonable” customer specifications)

w       Barcoded Catalogue pages of products, either by product group or the full range

w       Customer Delivery Labels for Product cartons - sequentially numbered

(ie “1 of 5”, “2 of 5”, etc), with a field for inclusion of Consignment Note Number.

The programme is supplied with barcode fonts, which respond to font strings created by the programme.  QBS is licensed to distribute these fonts with its applications, which usually saves the client several hundred dollars.   

 **   QBS Barcoder is compatible with ALL  versions of  Sybiz Vision, including Vision Lite, which is no longer distributed by Sybiz Software Pty Ltd.